Sir John Whitmore

The Only Planet of Choice
The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space

Sir John Whitmore is a former champion professional race-car driver, a businessman, and a sports psychologist who excels today as a management consultant. Sir John, a well known advocate of "coaching" in business, has written a best seller on the subject entitled: "Need, Greed or Freedom." Another popular work by Whitmore is: "Coaching for Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose."

But The Only Planet of Choice reveals that he also has a deeper side. Sir John has been a primary witness and interviewer of Tom - spokesperson for The Nine. Sir John's insight has the greatest benefit when his astute questions help clarify the meanings of The Nine's many messages.

Another of Sir John's important contributions has occurred whenever transceiver Phyllis Schlemmer had doubts or wished to "throw in the towel." At those times, John's constant mantra was "What if?" His support was also instrumental to the book ever being published. Phyllis feels that great thanks are owed to Sir John Whitmore as well as Tom for The Only Planet of Choice.

And now, not only is The Only Planet of Choice available, but finally Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth is available again, newly published as The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space. Written by Stuart Holroyd, a skeptical, yet open-minded observer, this book details the story behind the many special encounters with The Nine. Excerpted here is Sir John Whitmore's own Forward to The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space.


Although the extraordinary events described in this book occurred more than 25 years ago, they are deeply relevant today. The threat of war and terror impinges on all our lives, especially those who live in the Middle East. That said, the story that unfolded to a disparate handful of people reads like a science fiction thriller and yet it was for real -- I was one of those people.

If contact with an unearthly and wise civilization could ever be validated in a way that would satisfy the protocol demanded by the narrow scientific parameters of today, it would relegate terrorism to the second or third page of the newspapers. Of course all religions are based upon such unexpected and unverifiable contact with few people. Most such people have had the good sense to avoid their cosmic conversations being used for religious purposes.

We were contacted in 1974 by a cosmic source greatly concerned about the nuclear threat that existed at the time. The fallout of a global war, we were told, would not only terminate the human race as we know it, but also would have even more serious cosmic consequences. Their policy was not to interfere (mankind can only evolve by finding its own way), but as a last resort even direct intervention was on the cards. This book is the story of the events as they unfolded. We were never commanded but invited to embark upon, and guided through a number of quixotic journeys to Israel, Teheran and the Soviet Union in the name of fostering peace.

Sir John Whitmore

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