Main subjects covered are:

  • The current situation in the world, with regards to politics, religion, war, pollution, society and our stage of civilization;

  • The nature of God, the life and teaching of Jesus and of other great teachers and prophets;

  • The different beings of the Universe – cosmic beings and what we call ETs – how they relate to us and what we can do in relation to them; this includes information about dialogues which have been going on for decades between certain governments and extra-terrestrial beings and which have recently been emerging into the public domain;

  • The ancient history of Earth, including an informative resolution of the debate between evolutionists and creationists;

  • Our lives as individuals and matters of the soul, birth, life and death;

  • The direct relationship that exists between our thoughts and what happens in our lives.

This book is the result of a research project which has been proceeding for over twenty years, involving a distinguished international array of scientists, executives, media people, healers and teachers including Dr. Andrija Puharich (discoverer of spoon bender Uri Geller) and Gene Roddenberry (creator of 'Star Trek'). The research has involved communication with a group of advanced beings called The Nine through a deep-trance medium, Phyllis V. Schlemmer. The caliber and integrity of this group is reflected in the quality of the questioning and answering between the researchers and The Nine. The Only Planet of Choice, is a sequel to Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth, by Stuart Holroyd.

Other intriguing topics include:

  • The effect of dense gravity on our thoughts and beliefs

  • The effects of nuclear technology and our unusual and unproductive use of warfare

  • UFO craft and propulsion systems and the conditions under which a full-scale friendly landing of ETs would take place

  • The population explosion, and its causes and remedies

  • The truth about Atlantis

  • Why Neanderthal man died out and how Homo Sapiens suddenly appeared

  • Insights into the background of conflicts in the Middle East, the formation of the European Community, the position of USA and the new world order

  • Dolphins, whales and other animals

  • New areas for scientific research: AIDS, DNA, energy-sources, technology

Above all, this book's great strength is that it gives a simple and insightful overview of many questions, great and small, linking our personal lives with the state of the world and the order of the Universe.

The Only Planet of Choice

Essential Briefings from Deep Space

Transceiver: Phyllis V. Schlemmer

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The Only Planet of Choice covers a wide range of deep and pressing questions facing people today, in all countries. The material itself is highly readable and pertinent for any thinking person, even though, for some, the source of this information and overview might at first seem questionable. Yet the quality of the material overrides any qualms readers might have: it talks sense, stands for itself, and there is no other comparable material.

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