The Only Planet of Choice

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"If this book is a work of the imagination, it is a poetic and consistent work of art; if – as I prefer to believe – it is based on truth, it must be one of the most important books ever written." – Michael Glickman (Prominent crop circle investigator and journalist)

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the Universe, but didn't know who to ask." – ('Kindred Spirit' magazine.)

"It is a book to read many times over. There is so much to be discovered in it and to be thought about." – ('Planetary Connections')

"It is a provocative, mind-opening experience that awakens us to new realities and levels of awareness that were once known and understood by the ancients." – Dr. James Hurtak (Academy for Future Science, Palo Alto, USA)

"It is a very moving, powerful presentation." – Dr. Jim Fadiman (USA)

"We've had the Old Testament and the New Testament, now here is the Third Testament."
– Pete Chesterfield (Torquay)

"Anyone who reads this book from cover to cover cannot help being affected by its wisdom ,or by its challenge to their beliefs and their life path."
– David Hemery (Olympic gold medalist & management consultant)

"This story is so VAST in its implications…there is food for thought on nearly every page."
– K. Johnsen (Norway)

" The Great Awakening is upon us and I thoroughly recommend this book as an excellent contribution to that process." – David Icke (The Truth Vibrations)

"I find it extraordinarily thought provoking. So many of the ideas raised are optimistic, compassionate and loving." – M. Franey (Bedford)

"This is certainly the most important view over the history of humankind and its implications that we have received so far." – Baroness Edmee di Pauli (London)

"Channeled material can be such a minefield – it's good to come across something that is so obviously genuine." -- Christopher Hansford, journalist and critic (Bath)

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