Excerpts From:

The Only Planet of Choice........


"We are here. This is Tom. We come in love and peace. Greetings, blessings, joy."

This is how many of the transmissions from The Nine begin. They are transmitted via Tom, their spokesman.

From Chapter 3: God and Creation

John: We are likely to be asked in the future the question, "What is God?" Now we have some ideas ourselves but we would like to present a consistent and understandable answer to those who ask.

Tom: What is God to you?

John: Well, there's many ways I could answer that. I could say that God is the Ultimate, or Love, or...

Tom: It is unified, infinite intelligence, supported with pure love. And it grows with pure love. It is absolute faith and absolute love. That is God. If you have doubts that we exist we do understand. But remember that in each of you there is God, and in each of us there is God, because God is love, and love is with us all.

Tom's Prayer

From The Nine for the Nations of Earth

We pray that the nations of the Earth come to peace within themselves and come to recognize whence they came.

We pray that all the civilizations of the Universe that are engaged in the balancing of the Universe, be given strength and peace within, to carry on the work to which they are committed.

We pray that the physical beings of the planet Earth come into a state of awareness and understanding, in order for their souls to evolve, to raise the level of the planet Earth and to cleanse the heavens around the planet Earth so that the Universe can progress.

We pray that those beings and civilizations that are opposing what we do come to the light of understanding so that they also come into perfect balance.

We pray that the day may soon come when all in the Universe have the knowledge and the understanding that will make them whole.

We pray for understanding among ourselves, and for the strength that is needed so that each of us can guide the others to become perfect beings.

We pray for the souls of the children of the Earth to be brought out of the dark and into the light.


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