The Only Planet of Choice

Did you know that Gene Roddenberry researched background material for his Star Trek series with a distinguished international group, using a medium?

This group was comprised of scientists, doctors, teachers, ambassadors, athletes, and film-makers from several countries. The medium, Phyllis V. Schlemmer, was an internationally known psychic/healer of unusual ability. (See Author Bio). She was a colleague of Dr. Andrija Puharich who recognized The Nine Universal Beings who came through her when Phyllis was in a trance.

The Nine are a group of wise universal beings. When Roddenberry asked where The Nine came from their answer was, "the zone you call cold in Deep Space". Sound familiar? "Deep Space Nine" became a hugely popular television sequel to "Star Trek".

For over thirty years, Phyllis, The Nine, and this multinational group have collaborated to investigate (among other deep questions) the origins of man. The result is a remarkable book: The Only Planet of Choice – Essential Briefings from Deep Space, a unique document of transcripts of conversations with The Nine.

What is so special about The Only Planet of Choice? Those who have read it – from around the world – have given their verdict. And it's a hugely enthusiastic one. Many have described it as the most important book of our times. Most have felt a compulsion to spread the word about it and pass copies on to others.

Compiled into a fascinating and highly-readable book, the result leaves the reader in no doubt that the human species does, indeed, exist throughout the Universe. It confirms suspicions, too, that there has been systematic collusion among the major world governments in the last 50 years to prevent the evidence of contacts with extraterrestrial visitors becoming public.

There have been other books which have examined the evidence of official cover-ups of UFO sightings and research into cosmic crafts. But The Only Planet of Choice is the first to convincingly lay bare the reasons for these cosmic visits.

The Nine have an utterly fascinating mass of information to pass on to Planet Earth – on ET civilizations, the ancient history of humanity, the nature of God, Jesus, and much, much more. But their main, sobering message is that Planet Earth has a special role in the Universe – to be the only planet of individual free will and choice. To date, it has seemed set on destroying itself – witness the current state of chaos reigning worldwide. But there are hopeful signs, too. If Earth beings are prepared to make the necessary evolutionary jump to begin repairing our self-inflicted damage, there are fellow beings in the Cosmos ready and eager to help us take that step.

After 23 years as an independent publisher of alternative books, Alick Bartholomew of Gateway recognized this as a truly special book. The last time he got the sort of exciting feedback he has received from The Only Planet of Choice, he says, was in 1972 when he published the breakaway best-seller, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

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