The Nine:

Briefing From Deep Space
Stuart Holroyd

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For those of you who have been awaiting the day that you could purchase the popular Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth - that day is here. It is finally available again, newly published as The Nine: Briefing From Deep Space.

Finally you can own the story of the three people behind The Only Planet of Choice - brought to life by Stuart Holroyd, the skeptical, yet open-minded observer who wrote the book of their encounters.


Dear Reader:

This story began in the late sixties and continues to this day. It could have happened to any one of you. It is the story of three people coming together to follow some apparently cosmic guidance on faith, while they repeatedly asked themselves the question: "What if?" I am one of those people. I am a Deep Trance Medium who has no recall of what is received. I call myself a Transceiver.

My partners in this experience were Andrija Puharich, M.D. from Ossining, New York, and Sir John Whitmore from England. Many of you have perhaps heard of Dr. Puharich. It was he who discovered the well-known Israeli psychic Uri Geller and brought him to the United States. Sir John Whitmore, after retiring from professional sports, and following a near death experience, then began his own quest for understanding life.

The cosmic guides call themselves The Nine Principles of the Universe. I simply call them The Management or The Nine. They became our friends. It was a miracle that three strong willed people from such diverse backgrounds managed to let go of self and enormous egos to pull together as one - or at least made heroic efforts to do so!

Because it was never published in the U.S., "Briefing" soon became a collector's item that was photocopied and passed around covertly. Meanwhile, Dr. Puharich arranged for Uri Geller to be tested in Government Labs around the U.S. and was somewhat vocal in his findings, which prompted negative reactions from certain quarters. It was a time of denial in the U.S. about all possible E.T. connections. The mood is different today. I feel now is the right time for this book to be republished, and made available in the United States.

Our beloved Dr. Andrija Puharich passed on to explore other Universes in 1995.

Sincerely, Phyllis V. Schlemmer



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ISBN: 1-880941-98-8 Format: 5 1/4" x 8 1/2" Pages: 318pp Binding: Paperback

Current Publisher: Old King's Road Press, U.S.A. -- 2003
Previously Published as: Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth Corgi Book 0 552 10997 5 -- 1979
Originally Published: Prelude to Landing on Planet Earth W. H. Allen, London -- 1977